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Daniel Rawnsley

Voice Artist | French | English

Narration - Audiobooks - Dubbing e-Learning - Corporate videos - Novelisation - Game Voiceovers

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About Daniel

Daniel Rawnsley has been working in voice acting for the past two-and-a-half years. After graduating from Lille university with a film degree, he moved back to Toulouse in the South of France.


Daniel got into the voicework game quite by accident – after a fellow English teacher recommended him for a professional casting session at the local Studio Elixir recording station. 

Since then, Daniel has lent his voice talents to a variety of projects and even took several classes with Dorothée Jemma, who famously dubs Jennifer Aniston into French.


Being completely bilingual in both French and English has given him the advantage to be able to record for both languages, on everything from e-learning and corporate training to audiobook narration. 

Daniel still lives in Toulouse, where he continues to work on his craft and record locally in areas of commercial and narrative voiceover. His friends say he watches too many movies and should spend more time outside.

Demo Reels

This is Daniel Rawnsley
An Introduction

Audiobook Narration - 
A Tale of Two Cities

Train Announcement


Novelisation - Doctor Who
City of Death

Demo Reels
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